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A boat-shaped piece of mid-century charm
Dec 14, 2022
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Abstract: If the charm of a house were measured by its ability to distract, this one would score high. That's because more than 50 people attended an open house at this home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the Packers competition.

It dates back to 1958.


It has a 28-foot-high steel-framed parabolic roof and has a distinctly ship-like quality.


After two recent price reductions, this 4,360-square-foot time capsule is on the market for $365,000.


The sellers bought the home in March and decided it was too big for them. And before them, there were only two owners.


It is very original and not a lot of changes have been made, it is like going back in time.


A 1964 article about the house's first owners noted that its striking roofline drew attention to it.


While the facade, including the triangle above the front door, is certainly striking, the unique design continues on the inside.


As you walk through the front door you are sure to feel a fun and funky vibe.


There are five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, stone accents, a cantilevered staircase and a sunken living room.


Then there is the kitchen with original cabinets and orange countertops.


They are laminate, the same as you would see in the Brady family house.


The kitchen also has the original linoleum flooring, which wraps the walls up a bit - an old style of installation that is no longer used, she explains.


The retro tones and vintage flooring aren't the only old-fashioned details, there's also plenty of panelling and shag carpets.


The house is full of little touches, such as door locks that are heart-shaped.

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