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Ways to add space to your house
Dec 13, 2022
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Abstract: There are some affordable ideas for adding storage and living space.

Use your awkward space to your advantage.


The space next to the stairs can become an office, reading area or play area.


For the dead space at the top of the stairs, add a window seat or a low wardrobe for extra storage.


Speaking of stairs, there is plenty of unused space underneath it where you can carve out a pet hideout, play corner or even a built-in mini bar with liquor and wine storage.


If you can eat elsewhere in the house - like your kitchen table or bar stools around the island - take over your dining room and turn it into any space that suits you and your family.


Do you have high ceilings?


Create living space by building a bonus room or loft-style area in the spare space.


Dress up your unfinished basement and create a children's area.


And, you may also need a little breathing space. So carve out some adult space for yoga or crafting.


Have you run out of wardrobe and cupboard space?


Create cabinets in the bathroom, laundry room and between the stud walls in the entrance.


Or use the space behind interior doors to carve out slim, built-in shelves.


And you don't have to hide everything away.


Use store-bought bookcases and cabinets to create a sleek built-in look or a workspace on a large blank wall.


A projection is an extension to an existing space, but smaller than adding an entire room.


A common example is the conversion of a powder room into a full bathroom with shower and bath for a growing family.


A bump-out is a good option for expanding a kitchen to create an eating nook (freeing up the dining room) or for expanding a laundry or utility room.


A bump-out can change the footprint and aesthetics of the exterior, so keep this in mind when making your plans.

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